Catch & Possession Limits


Catch & Possession Limits



Fishery laws limit the number of fish you can catch or possess.  The number will depend on the species, where they are caught and, in some cases, their size.  The catch limit is the number of fish you are allowed to catch and keep in one day. Fish eaten for shore lunch are included in the daily catch limit. 

The possession limit is the number you are allowed to have in your possession on hand, in cold storage, in transit, etc.  Possession limits are the same as one day's catch limit except where otherwise specified. Fish that have been lawfully caught and are suitable for food must not be destroyed or allowed to spoil.  For more fishing information visit the web site of the Ministry of Natural Resources. (MNR website )


 Fishing License – Catch & Possession Limits
License Type /Limit                                      
 Fish Species Sports Conservation
 Pickerel/Walleye Total of  4* Total of 1*
 Largemouth / Smallmouth Bass  Total of  6  Total of 2
 Muskellunge (112cm/44in minimum) Total of 1 0
 Crappie 30 10
 Perch 50 25
 Bluegill/pumkinseed/sunfish 300 ** 15
 Catfish 12 6
 Carp No Limit No Limit

* between 35-50cm / 13.8 – 19.7 in
**  with no more than 30 over 18cm / 7.1in